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Make your mark.

With Newsie’s marking menu, marking a news item as read or starred is just a thumb twitch away. Slide an item in the news listing to the right to mark it with one seamless gesture. You don’t even have to leave the news listing.


Remembers where you are.

Newsie remembers how far you’ve scrolled in your news list, so you don’t waste time having to search for where you left off, just in case someone calls or you have to exit the app.


Thoughtfully designed emailing.

Newsie thoughtfully gives you an extra bit of blank space at the top of the email message, so you can easily insert your own comments without unnecessary finger gymnastics. It’s little refinements like these that make Newsie a joy to use.

Feed In An Envelope

Bring the Web with you.

When you “star” an item, Newsie automatically saves the news item’s original web page so you can read it later. Newsie shows a paperclip for news items that have been saved. Tap on it to see the saved page, even if you’re in airplane mode.

Paperclip Screenshot

Focus on your content.

Sometimes you just want to browse full screen to see as much information at once, or see an image in its full glory. With Newsie, full-screen browsing is just a touch away. You can even have Newsie switch to full-screen browsing for you automatically.

Newsie loves Twitter.

Newsie works with Tweetie and Twitterrific, letting you tweet news items comfortably from apps tuned for comfortable tweeting. When you come back, you won’t miss a beat as Newsie remembers exactly where you left off.


Stay on target.

Get to your news quickly, and without a lot of fumbling around. Find your feeds quickly, as well as folders that you created in Google Reader. Navigate to feeds & folders using the incorporated index, minimizing scrolling.

Rss Target

Load only the news you want.

Other news feed apps make you wait until they've finished “syncing” before you can read the news you’re really interested in. What you really want is to read news from a specific feed without waiting for other news to download first. Just set a filter—instant gratification!

Rss Load

Line ’em up, knock ’em down.

Perhaps you’re in an elevator and only have a minute or two to hunt for something worth reading. Perhaps you”re on your back porch swing with all the time in the world to catch up with the news. Newsie enables both workflows: hunt for news and “star” them for later reading, then switch to the “starred” view to read what you’ve gathered.


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